Who We Are

image descriptionWho We Are

Noble Planners is a 501(c) nonprofit organization located in New York that works very hard to benefit all children, to enhance their creativity and stimulate their imagination. Our mission is to improve children’s literacy, to teach them critical thinking skills, as well as to offer them quality time while educating and inspiring them in various ways.

Our goal is to reach to as many children as possible, so we could offer them our instructional programs, events, trips and other services.

What We Do

Noble Planners constantly works on innovative programs and services that would benefit children, as well as their parents.

Starting September of 2013 we will be offering Math Kangaroo Program – weekly math workshops for children from grades 1 through 12,  which will also consist of international competition that will be held annually on the third Thursday of March. The key competence tested by the Kangaroo is logical combination, not just pure knowledge of formulas.

In addition, starting September of 2013, we will be opening up Young Explorers Club where all participants ( ages 5 through 15) will be  making hypothesis, discovering, learning and performing hands-on exercises from the following fields of studies: geology, physics, chemistry and even biology. Scientist coats and googles – required!

Our Main Mission is:

– to enhance childrens’ creativity by stimulation of their imagination and senses,
– to target children from K-12 and to focus on improving their literacy and readiness skills,
– to promote healthy children lifestyles and eating habits.

We have been working on a creation of numerous educational programs which consist of children’s workshops, events, contests, and other age appropriate didactic enhancements. We will continuously be expanding our agendas and offering what is important for children’s growth and development.

Our plan is to inspire every child in any possible way, to assist children in making their dreams to come true, step by step. It is not only our mission, but it is also our passion.


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